Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Oh my goodness, I haven't posted forever!! I'm sorry to have been a.w.o.l. for so long. So much happened these past months, and I didn't have a spare second to blog anything. Lots of drama!

But now things are more or less settled, so I thought it's a good time to get back to blogging. I really missed posting here and keeping up with all of you!

So, what's happening with us? First, remember the awful house hunt? Well, we finally found a sweetie-pie home that we love! It's a little-bitty Midcentury gem, a bit over 1000 square feet. Needs some work, but not much: the floors need replacing, but that's about it. It had been in the sellers' family, and they wanted it to be sold to another family.  So, even though there were at least four cash offers for it, they accepted our offer! However, it's a short sale, so now we're waiting for the bank to go through everything and get back to us.

In between all that, everything that could go wrong seemed to do so. First, I lost a contact lense when I accidentally emptied it down the drain! I had to then get new ones, and when I went to the opthamologist's I found out that the prices for my kind of (specialty) contact lenses had gone up so much that all I could get were glasses. But even those would take at least a few weeks to be made, so all that time I had to wear weaker "trial" contacts. So for nearly a month I went around very slowly, not driving anywhere and pretty much unable to do a lot because I could not see as well as through my glasses. But I finally got them, a huuuuuge relief. But they're thick lenses, and I'm saving up for contacts again.

Then, I went to the dentist to get a filling repaired. Since we have new insurance, I picked a dentist I'd never been to ... not knowing it was The Dental Practice of Satan. Seriously. I had to deal with the meanest, bitchiest appointment coordinator, as well as an awful dentist who informed me that I actually had four root canals to do, and if I didn't get to them I'd end up dead! And no ... I'm not kidding about any of this. To top it all off, I also had to get one of the teeth pulled out because they couldn't save it.

Gaaah! Mercifully, the place they sent me to get the tooth pulled out had very nice, thoughtful staff who were just as appalled as I was about The Dental Practice of Satan. The tooth extraction (my very first) went off well, and although I was eating liquid-y food for almost a week, everything healed and I just have to get the root canals done, by the same kind and helpful doctor. Thank God!

Next, my computer broke ... after a virus was removed and the virus guard installed. You'd think that would make the computer work better, right? Ha ha ha! Mine just upped and died. So now I'm borrowing my mother's laptop to work on, and looking for a new computer, which means that the money we'd been saving to get new appliances for when we get a home will be spent on a new computer, instead. Sigh. Not fun.

My gym attendance also suffered. Since I was running around so much, and since the baby had some trouble sleeping through the night, I stopped going to the gym because I was really too tired to do so. But now the baby's back on schedule and sleeping well, so now I get my sleep and I have the energy to get back to exercising again!

Both my husband and mother tell me that everything will work out in the end, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and just taking each day as it comes. After all, things have sorted themselves out before. I figure these are just glitches in the road to a better future!

So I'm back to the blogging world, and sooo happy and relieved about it! I'm going to take part in A Picture a Day too. There's a style version that I'll also be doing, via Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, so I'm hoping to post those here. And we're also busy planning little Devindra's first birthday party! Lots of new and exciting projects ... yay for that!

I am glad to be back, friends! I missed you all!


Jenava said...

It's so nice to get an update! I wondered what had become of the house-hunt. It sounds like you've found a gem, so hopefully the bank pulls through for you!

Anusha said...

Thanks J! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Will visit your blog soon! :o)

Budget Chic said...

Girl, you been through some little trials, hang in it. Those things come in waves and they leave the same way. I have also been under a lot of stress to the point of creating a bald spot in the top of my head, but I'm slowly recovering! Things will get better my dear. Sending you well wishes. xoxo

Anusha said...

Oh my goodness BC! Losing your hair is never a good sign; this happened to my mom too. She's been under horrible stress lately. But I'm really glad you're recovering! You're too awesome and an inspiration! :o)